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Our school districts come together for the purpose of providing equal educational opportunity for children of the supervisory union in the most effective and efficient way possible.


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Can’t believe it is October!


Report Cards:  The report card committee met to make final changes on the document.  Amy Cramer is putting it into MMS, our data base tool, and will get compensated for her work.   Classroom teachers will meet on October 9th to work on assessments and curriculum aligned with the report card.  Each grade level has a facilitator from the committee.  

Curriculum and Assessment:   This continues to be ongoing work in the SU.  Providing students with an equitable education through out the SU.  On Wednesdays, I am continuing to meet with grade level teams.  We are working on assessments, scope and sequence, units of study and instructional strategies.

Instruction:  We have Fran Huntoon, Vermont Math Initiative Coach, working in the schools on math instruction and helping teacher unit plan.  Aimee Toth is doing the same for literacy.  Both are paid from CFP funds.

Special Education:

Special education service plans for FY 17 are due October 15th.  In the past, the principals and special educators of the individual schools have been responsible for providing the raw data needed to report at the school district level.  Sandra and Alison are piloting a new process that frees up the principals and special educators from that responsibility and shifts the work of raw data collection to them.  The accuracy of the data depends on the on-going accuracy of data entered into our Docusped system by the school district staff.  Much of September was spent verifying and correcting the information in Docusped.  This pilot will be reconsidered after service plans are complete and evaluated by AOE.  Special educators have been very appreciative of our efforts to take this enormous task on.

Pre Kindergarten:

Marla continues to work on three strands simultaneously:  System development - regional collaboration with other SU/SDs to promote consistency Capacity and Access - promoting & supporting applications for teaching licenses and program pre-qualification Outreach and Communication - scheduled this month for a community forum at WRVS & a provider network meeting

Leadership Team:

Teacher Growth Model:  We have completed our Teacher Growth Model (supervision and evaluation of Special Ed and regular ed teachers) and have shared it with a group of teachers across the SU. It was a productive, collaborative meeting.  Suggestions were taken, documents revised, and principals are sharing them with their professional staff. 

 Supervision and Evaluation of Principals/Director:  I have met with each principal, discussed last year’s goals and evaluations.  They are self assessing last year as well as looking at this year.  I worked with each principal in determining 3 areas of focus.  I will be sharing a summary of last year with the boards.  The summary will include last year as well as looking forward.

Central Office:  STYLE:   We hired Megan Rizzo for the Director of 21C.  She joined us on Monday.  We will be having an advisory council meeting soon.  I am bringing her out to the schools this week to introduce her to the site coordinators.  Kathy Olwell will continue to work with us.  She has been a great help, with tons of knowledge, in the transition period.  She will be Meg’s mentor.   Meg knows that the grant runs out this year.  We are looking to add to our finance structure as it is now.  Will explain in full during the time on the agenda.

Act 46 Study Committee:  The Study Committee will meet on October 13th at RBCTC Inn at 5:30.  Wayne Gersen will be our consultant. Each board within OESU has a member and an alternate nominated for the committee.  BMU and Rivendell will also have representation.  I spoke with Nikki South, VSBA Act 46 Implementation project director, today.  She asked me if it would be better if we were able to focus on OESU in the study and let BMU do their own study and Rivendell pursue their options.  I think we have to wait until on our first meeting to know whether this would be more effective or not.  The $5000 study grant carries us through 4 or so meetings.  It would then be determined if we go for a larger grant of $20,000. 

OESU Professional Learning Opportunities:  Project Based Learning Course (UVEI) – K-12 teachers Readers’ Workshop (UVIE) – the course provides instructional coaching  - K- 6 teachers 

PNOA Training (Math assessment) – September 24th at OESU

Early Numeracy Course – taught by Moriah Fahey (TES) and Andrea Dennis (NES), UVM Vermont Mathematics Initiative (VMI) graduates – PK – 6 and MS and HS special educators

OGAP – Using math assessments to determine what students know (intermediate/middle level teachers)

Ongoing Unit Development – K- 6

VMI – OHS partnership Grant

Coaching in Math (Fran Huntoon, VMI) and Literacy (Aimee Toth, UVEI)

Future OESU Board Meeting Topics:

Teacher Growth Model Presentation

K – 6 OESU Report Card

Education Quality Standards – Accountability

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FY17 Budget