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“Creating learning communities... where students are engaged and successful”

Our school districts come together for the purpose of providing equal educational opportunity for children of the supervisory union in the most effective and efficient way possible.


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“Creating learning communities... 

where students are engaged and successful”

Superintendent Report

March 2016

Leadership Team:

We continue to focus on Highly Effective Instruction.  This month we looked at school data in regards to numbers of students receiving intervention (double dipping), and numbers of students receiving special education services.  Next month we look at SU NECAP data of our free and reduced population and special education population.  Today, we viewed a video of science lesson and practiced using the Teacher Growth Model rubrics.  Our discussions about instruction and structure of lessons are valuable.


We have been finalizing information for WRVS annual report and working on BES and NES budgets.

ACT 46:

Oxbow, Bradford, Newbury and Blue Mountain will have their first meeting of study committee members on March 29th at Newbury Elementary School.  The meeting is from 6:00 – 7:30.

Emilie Knisley, Superintendent of BMU, Wayne Gersen, our consultant, and myself have met and set the plan for what needs to happen within the coming months through to the community vote in Spring of 2017. 

Emilie, Lori Blood, BMU business manager, Keith and I are meeting on March 15th to have some beginning conversations.  Wayne, Emilie, Keith and I will meet with the High School principals to also begin collaborating.


The K-6 teachers continue to work together aligning instruction to the Common Core.  I am gathering feedback on the report card.  I will work with a group this summer to make adjustments.

Math teachers at OHS have been working on Unit Planning, curriculum, and defining what is the essential learning in the Common Core.  They have worked some with Fran Huntoon.  WRVS middle school math teacher has joined in this collaboration.  (CFP funded)

Other core subject teams at OHS will be working this summer to define their curriculum areas.  (CFP funded)

The SU Art teachers will be meeting for the day at OESU on March 15th to look at the National Art Standards and the 21C skills.  I will be working with them.  (CFP funded)

Pre-K:   (Submitted by Marla Ianello)

System Development:  

The registration packets are complete and live in digital form on the OESU website.  Families may fill them out and submit online, or download and deliver to local schools.  Marla would like to thank the school registrars for helping her to develop a comprehensive and streamlined system!

Capacity & Access:

Watch Them Grow Bradford is prequalified, bringing capacity in Bradford to 38 slots, and pending an additional 20 as BES works toward developing an onsite PK program·  Loss of a licensed teacher at a prequalified program in Thetford put the program at risk of losing pre qualification status; however, with the support of Sherry Hoyt, Beth and AOE licensing, we were able to help the program get a provisional license thus maintaining its status.  No pre qualified programs in Waits River or Newbury: Watch Them Grow Newbury has applied and hasn't heard back, and Sugar Maple is seeking a licensed teacher in order to apply

Superintendent’s Networking and Professional Learning:

I have been elected to serve on the New England Association of School Superintendents.  I will represent Vermont with 2 other superintendents and an alternative.

I actively participate in the NEK Regional Superintendent group.  I serve as the liaison between Lyndon State College and the Superintendents for professional development opportunities.

I serve on the Vermont Professional Learning Network Advisory Council.

OESU Professional Learning Opportunities:

OGAP – Using math assessments to determine what students know (intermediate/middle level teachers)

Ongoing Unit Development – K- 6

VMI – OHS partnership Grant

Coaching in Math (Fran Huntoon, VMI) and Literacy (Aimee Toth, UVEI)

Summer Class Offerings:  Tentatively a Math Week:  Offering Early Numeracy and OGAP

Curriculum Work with teams of teachers