21st Century Program

   Seeing Terrific Young Learners Engage


The STYLE After School Program strives to provide students, grades K-6, with a safe, supportive environment that encourages physical, intellectual, social, and emotional growth and development through a variety of fun and educational activities. 

Our program is open during regular school days until 5:30 this year. 

       After School and Summer Program 

Bradford- Newbury- Waits River 

Valley Elementary Schools


Thanks to STYLE's membership with First Book we were able to get some great books for all of our after school students! Hooray to reading!

Our Newbury STYLE students are really getting into Tae Kwon Do! 




What's New??
STYLE recognizes that parents and students are busy and don't always have time to read newsletters and check emails. For quick updates or information check out our new Facebook Page:  https://www.facebook.com/STYLEAfterSchool/timeline

Session 5 is in full swing and there's lot of fun happening. WRVS and NES have Tae Kwon Do, and our students are loving it! BES is looking to offer this awesome program for Session 6, be on the look out.