Early Childhood Program

"I'm so grateful to the teachers from Early Childhood Programs! I've seen an amazing transformation in my children's ability to communicate their needs." ~ Parent of a 3 & a 4 year old with special needs

Our Vision
All children will have access to high quality early learning programs.

Prekindergarten Education (beginning July 1, 2016)

Parents may enroll 3, 4 & 5 year old children with their local schools to access tuition for 10 hours per week for 35 weeks of the school year.  Children must be age 3 by the first day of school.  5 year olds may not be attending Kindergarten. 

Children must attend prequalified programs.  Programs may be school-run or private.

Programs that meet Vermont’s designation as a prequalified early learning program:

  • have a licensed early childhood or early childhood special education teacher
  • have received a minimum 4 STARS rating from the Vermont Child Development Division
  • Measure a child's development and skill growth using Teaching Strategies Gold
A list of prequalified early learning programs can be found at brightfutures.dcf.state.vt.us

Educational Services
Licensed Early Childhood Special Education Teachers help preschool age children develop important skills through support to families and access to local preschool settings. Supporting preschool children's age-appropriate development:

★ Free developmental screenings in a comfortable play-based setting using Ages and Stages Questionnaires
★ Identifying typical development
★ Identifying developmental challenges
★ Providing child-centered early childhood special education series that allow child to 
  • participate in typical early childhood activate to the best of their abilities
  • reach their full learning potential
  • prepare them for the next learning environment

Free Developmental Screenings

Our early childhood special education staff offers screenings for 3-5 year olds living in Bradford, Corinth, Newbury, Thetford and Topsham in April and again in August.  Notices and flyers announcing time and location are posted throughout all of the OESU communities prior to each screening.  If you have concerns about your child's development between screenings, please contact our program.

Most 3 year olds ~

  Dress and undress themselves  Follow instructions with 2 or 3 steps

  Can work toys with buttons, levers, & moving parts   Run easily  Speak in sentences and can be understood by most people most of the time

Most 4 year olds ~

  Would rather play with other children than play alone  Start to copy some capital letters    Hop and stand on one foot up to  2 seconds    Tell stories    Understand the idea of counting

More information about your child’s development may be found at cdc.gov/actearly

Quality Early Learning, Child Development & Brain Architecture

Early Learning Programs 

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Factors in early learning programs that support healthy child growth and development are (Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University):
  • a language-rich environment
  • warm responsive adult-child interactions
  • skilled personnel
  • developmentally appropriate and intentional curriculum
  • safe physical space

Early experiences affect brain architecture.  Children begin learning as soon as they are born, their brains growing from the bottom up. The benefits of positive early experiences literally shapes the way the brain is built: a strong foundation supports the potential of every       Vermont child. More about brain architecture can be found at the Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University developingchild.harvard.edu

Vermont is committed to realizing the potential of every child. The Vermont Early Childhood Action Plan is a document that outlines the strategies of key departments and agencies including education, child development, health and mental health to invest in high quality opportunities for all children.

The following personnel provide leadership and planning for OESU's Early Childhood and Essential Early Education Programs:                                                                        
Dr. Sandra Stanley Alison Kidder Marla Ianello

Director of Student Services
Assistant Director of Student Services
Early Childhood Programs Coordinator
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 802/222-5216, x 111
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