Essential Early Education

Orange East Supervisory Union early childhood special education services are integrated into our Early Childhood Program whenever possible. This model provides the opportunity for students with diverse needs to play and develop together. Early Childhood Special Educators identify children with developmental challenges and provide child-centered early childhood special education services. These services allow children to participate in typical early childhood activities to the best of their abilities, to reach their full learning potential, and to prepare them for the next learning environment.                      

Screenings and Evaluations
If your child is under the age of 5 and you are concerned about his/her development, please contact the Orange East Supervisory Union at 222-5216 ext. 123 to set up a screening for your child.


To qualify for Special Education services:

  1.  A child must show a delay in one of the following developmental areas: speech, language, personal social, adaptive, fine or gross motor skills and/or cognitive skills. Children who demonstrate a delay are eligible for services and an Individual Education Plan (IEP) is developed to meet their needs; and/or
  2. Children who have a medical condition diagnosed by a physician that poses a high probability of a developmental delay before entering kindergarten are eligible for services. 
  3. Children who are identified by Children's Integrated Services and have at least a 25% delay in one area may potentially be eligible by the time they reach their third birthday are also eligible for services.

Our Early Essential Education Educators
Amy Fahey                 special educator             
Birdi Kaplow               special educator             
Erin Pelligrino             special educator           
Sharon Beaufait         special educator             
Marla Ianello               Early Childhood Coordinator
Alison Kidder              Assistant Director of Student Services
 Sandra Stanley          Director of Student Services

Click on the link below to watch a great video that highlights current understanding about the development of our brains and the way we as humans acquire new skills and abilities.

"Now in this early period of plasticity the brain actually changes ... "