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Orange East Supervisory Union (OESU) has a requirement that all volunteers apply, complete a background check process, and track hours in our online volunteer tracking software.


Volunteer Tracker

Applying to Become a Volunteer

To apply to become a volunteer, please visit our online system and choose “register.”

Tracking Your Volunteer Hours

The best way to ensure that you do not need to start the volunteer process and background check over again is to log your hours into the online system.  Once you have been approved as a volunteer you may sign up for opportunities and log your volunteer hours.  As long as you continue to submit hours over the course of twelve months, you will be eligible to continue as a volunteer.  A lapse of twelve months in volunteer hours will require you to begin the process over again.

Background Checks & Costs

All volunteers of the Orange East Supervisory Union must go through a background check process.  This includes,

  • Vermont Crime Information Center (VCIC) Fingerprinting
  • Agency of Human Services (AHS) Subscription Authorization